We use Injections in a variety of ways in our treatment programs.

Injections are generally used in lieu of pills or supplements when more rapid improvement is required, more precision in dosing needed, or when the active ingredients in a medication or supplement must reach their destination in the body without being altered through digestion or other biochemical reactions.

Example 1

A male patient who is starting testosterone therapy will benefit from the flexibility of testosterone injections while the optimal dose for his body is being established. Once this dose is determined by modifying injection quantities, pellets might become a more convenient but less adjustable wat to continue therapy.

Example 2

A series of weekly in-clinic B complex injections may be prescribed to a patient who is uncomfortable with or does not have the time for IVs in order to more rapidly address symptoms of fatigue, hormone imbalance, or weight gain.

Example 3

A patient struggling with blood sugar dysregulation and weight gain may be prescribed a weekly course of Ozempic®, a self-administered, pen style injection which works with the body’s own ability to lower blood sugar and A1C.

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