The health checkup
of tomorrow, today.

From blood biomarkers to strength and nutrition, hormones to brain health and body composition - the Aeon assessment takes a thorough ‘look under the hood’ to detect what is really going on with your health, energy and performance.

Get ahead of your future health
Detect. Prevent. Optimize.

Do you actually know how healthy you are?

And if you did know, what would you do with that information? Here is what we would like you to do with it:

We’d like to add more vitality to the life that you have, and add more years to your life in the process.
That’s ambitious, we know.
It should be, it’s your health!

So many of us think of our health as a coin toss; you’re either lucky or you aren’t. But your health isn’t just a matter of chance.

You aren’t a victim of your genetics and you certainly have more fuel in you than you feel right now – you just have to unlock it.

Free Testosterone
220 pmol/L
Estradiol 130 pmol/L
Hormonal imbalances found
Grip strength of 76.3:
weak for age
520 lbs max load:
strong for age
39% body fat
90.3 lbs lean mass
Calculated metabolic risk: moderate
10% plant-based protein
25.8 average fibre intake
1470 kcal basal metabolic rate
Apo B 0.6 g/L
Fasting Insulin
15 pmol/L
Cardiovascular risk: low

your Aeon
goes beyond
what is normal
and into what’s

Just because we want you to own your health, it doesn’t mean you have to do it on your own.

Whether you’re an expert biohacker or someone who is just dipping their toes into a healthier lifestyle, the Health Assessment is where your journey starts.

From there, you have the option to take home some actionable insight from our team of MDs, NDs, Health Coaches and Nutrition Coaches, or embark on a program to tackle your health and longevity goals with us.

“We bridge the gap where conventional approaches fall short. True health optimization requires an integrative approach focused on internal processes from the cellular all the way up to the systems level. Our assessment provides the framework for those changes.

I like to think of this assessment not as a snapshot of my patients’ health, but as a true roadmap that can help guide them towards sustained health and vitality.”

Jonathan Bastian, Medical Director

What do we assess?

The Aeon Health Assessment is a multi-faceted process that allows our co-care team to assess a variety of metrics and biomarkers representative of your health today, as well as your longevity risk factors into the future.

Your assessment includes:

Review of your medical history, lifestyle, risk factors, and medications.

Extensive blood panel of over 40 key biomarkers to assess your functioning on a cellular level, with a focus on cardiovascular and metabolic risk, specific vitamin deficiencies, and lipid and hormonal profile.

3D Styku body composition scan to analyze your lean and fat mass, including bone mass, muscle tissue distribution, visceral fat, hip-to-waist ratio and Basic Metabolic Rate.

Ai-powered ARX strength test and a musculoskeletal fitness assessment focused on longevity+mobility markers.

Nutrition consultation and ai-powered diagnostic of your eating habits with detailed reporting on macro+micro nutrient distribution, water intake and deficiencies.

Health Assessment Review with insights from our co-care team and a proposed personalized treatment plan which includes all aspects of health intervention

I can’t say enough good things about Aeon and their approach. My husband is in his early 50s but has been at risk of a heart attack for a couple of years now. His tests were all over the place. He did the assessment a year after I did mine and he’s been working on himself ever since. I think the assessment was an eye opener for him, not because the information came as a surprise, but because he was taught what the problem was, the impact on his life today and long term, and what he could do about it, for the first time in a way that was encouraging and empowering rather than scary. He’s been on a program for over 6 months now and our doctor couldn’t be more impressed. His heart is 10 years younger and he’s out of any major cardiovascular risk now. He’s healthier and happier and I’m just glad we started this journey with Aeon.

Lauren F.

I learned so much about myself and my health during the assessment. I walked away with a few key things to work on and goals that will make my progress tangible. I think everyone should do it!

Christina M.

I have a complex family health history so I started the process wanting peace of mind that I was okay, and convinced my wife to do it too. I was pleasantly surprised by the other parts of the assessment for fitness and nutrition, and I learned a lot about what will keep me alive and well for longer. Really happy with the process and the team, I plan on doing this assessment every year.

Daniel A.

Loved it! I finally feel like someone competent took a 360 look at my health in a way I never experienced before. I discovered an imbalance in my hormones that’s at the root of my extreme fatigue and now I’m doing something about it. I ended up signing for a program and their co-care model is a game changer. Super happy I did this!

Charlene K.

After your health assessment, you can decide to embark on a health journey with us through one of our health optimization programs, virtually or at our facility.

We know what you’re thinking... “Great! Another overwhelming list of things to add to my busy days”. That’s where you’re wrong. Yes, getting healthier requires work on your part (don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise), but in this day and age, there’s smart and efficient ways to do it.

How about a group of health optimization and longevity experts who have tested technologies and crafted medicine-based protocols to give you the most bang for your buck on every minute you spend getting healthier?

Ai-powered workouts that can deplete you in just 10' and build your strength. A plethora of biomarkers from a single blood draw to quickly detect issues and benchmark your longevity potential. How about user-friendly, ai-powered nutrition guidance to diagnose your plate and identify deficiencies? Or advanced EEG scans to see how your brain is doing as we add vitality and years to your body - with a 3D weight composition scan to watch your body evolve into a stronger, leaner, well-optimized machine to help you live life at your fullest. How about making your hormones work for you and not against you for once?

Is it all hard work?

Sometimes you just have to let your body rest. There are actually a series of incredibly relaxing technologies that can help you make the most of your recovery, and we have them right here.

  • IR sauna
  • Red Light Therapy
  • Compression Therapy
  • NuCalm
  • Psychadelics for Mental Health
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