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An evidence-based approach for effective and sustainable fat loss and lean mass enhancement.

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Get-slim-quick schemes have always been destined to fail

Losing weight sustainably and healthily is not easy – which is demonstrated by the fact that 35% of Canadians are overweight, and 30% clinically obese. We’re all constantly exposed to ‘get-slim-quick’ schemes. Perhaps some of them have worked for you in the past – but not in the long term.

The science of weight loss is personal

Our approach is tailored to each individual, drawing on the latest research in nutrition and physical training, and incorporating cutting-edge health care technology and medication advancements. Your weight loss objectives should feel manageable and achievable – and should take your personal body composition and genetic makeup into account.

Make your weight goals attainable

We believe that by combining cutting-edge technology, a supportive and highly experienced team, and a personalized nutritional and fitness plan, achieving your weight loss goals becomes attainable and realistic. When necessary, we can also incorporate weight loss medications as a tool to support your overall weight loss objectives and body composition changes.

Free Testosterone
220 pmol/L
Estradiol 130 pmol/L
Hormonal imbalances found
Grip strength of 76.3:
weak for age
520 lbs max load:
strong for age
39% body fat
90.3 lbs lean mass
Calculated metabolic risk: moderate
10% plant-based protein
25.8 average fibre intake
1470 kcal basal metabolic rate
Apo B 0.6 g/L
Fasting Insulin
15 pmol/L
Cardiovascular risk: low

What We Offer

  • World-class personal support from our team of of medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, nurse practitioners, nutritionists, trainers and technology specialists
  • Access to pioneering technology and treatments, including the latest devices, medications, and protocols
  • Customized dietary and nutrition plans based upon your specific bodily makeup and hormonal and metabolic requirements
  • Naturopathic doctor support and guidance for fat loss, lean muscle building, and the use of goal-specific supplements
  • Medical doctor with expertise in hormone replacement and weight loss medication management, tailored to the individual’s needs
  • Optional access to our state-of-the-art-fitness facility, including the ARX (adaptive resistance training equipment), Carol bike, Ballancer Pro (lymphatic drainage), infrared sauna, red light therapy

How Aeon's Weight Loss + Body Composition Works

Step 1


  • Meet with our program coordinator to assess where you are on your weight loss journey
  • We’ll book you for a thorough baseline assessment of your health and biomarkers to capture every aspect of your current situation
  • You’ll gain access to the RXFood app to start tracking your nutrition before you meet our nutritionist
Step 2

Health Assessment

  • The medical doctor will meet with you to identify what needs to be addressed in the health assessment

  • A blood panel of 40+ biomarkers is done in clinic

  • As a baseline of your body composition, a 3D body scan is performed in clinic

  • Strength and mobility tests are also included to help identify potential indicators that could lead to future health issues
Step 3

Strategy Development

  • Once all the necessary data is collected, you will meet with the naturopathic doctor and the nutritionist

  • Our team will work with you to develop a customized, evidence-based, and technologically-driven weight loss strategy

  • The medical doctor will discuss your results and present your actionable, measurable and attainable personalized treatment plan
Step 4

Ongoing Program

  • Our co-care team will support you to ensure that the changes you’re making are not only safe but also suitable for your individual needs

  • Our programs typically include a combination of nutritional, fitness and technology, tailored to the findings of your assessment and strategy
“We bridge the gap where conventional approaches fall short. True health optimization requires an integrative approach focused on internal processes from the cellular all the way up to the systems level. Our assessment provides the framework for those changes.
I like to think of this assessment not as a snapshot of my patients’ health, but as a true roadmap that can help guide them towards sustained health and vitality.”
Dr. Jonathan Bastian
Jonathan Bastian
Medical Director

Health Benefits of Body Composition Optimization

Many of us want to lose weight to look and feel better about ourselves. However, the overall health benefits of losing weight go far further. Specific outcomes may include:

  • Reduction in visceral and abdominal fat 1, 2, 3, 5, 6
  • Metabolic health improvement 4, 10, 12
  • Better energy levels 15, 16, 17
  • Improved blood sugar and cholesterol levels 7, 8, 10
  • And more…

Working to enhance these key factors can play a significant role in overall health, including:

Reduction in risk of heart and cardiovascular disease 7, 10

Reduced risk of osteoporosis and improved bone and skeletal health 14

Lowered risk of arthritis and other inflammatory or autoimmune diseases 4

Reduced cancer risk 11

Improved mental health and sleep, and lowered risk of cognitive decline 9, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

Overall improvement in longevity and lowered mortality risk 10

Improved sex drive and sex function 1

Lowered risk of diabetes and other chronic metabolic diseases 7, 8, 10

The benefits of weight loss are clear and scientifically proven – however, mismanaged weight loss is unsustainable and can lead to poor health outcomes. This is why we firmly believe that our multifaceted and strategic approach to optimizing body composition will maximize the probability of long-term weight loss and improved health outcomes.

Manage Your Weight and Get Your Control Back

Being overweight has several associated risk factors, including cancer, diabetes, osteoarthritis and heart and liver disease.

Jessica Janzen

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Since completing her 12-week Treatment Program and starting into her long-term Optimization Program she has lost 30 lbs and is feeling like her teenage self again. In Jess's words, Aeon helps her feel her best so that she can run at her best!

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