Mental Health Program 

It's hard to reach optimal health when you are constantly battling the symptoms of anxiety and depression. If you're discouraged by traditional options and are wondering if there is an alternative path to reaching your best self, you've come to the right place

At Aeon, we’re committed to redefining the landscape of mental health care to help you reach your best self!

As experts in health optimization and longevity, we provide a unique approach to treatment and have developed an integrative treatment plan that places a central focus on the emerging potential of co-care treatments. The treatments we use provide rapid relief from anxiety and depression within hours of treatment while also promoting new brain circuitry to provide more lasting effects.

It’s an incredibly safe treatment that can lead patients to feeling happier, more resilient, and motivated to make positive changes into the future. At Aeon, we believe in pushing the boundaries of what's possible, offering new hope for treating anxiety and depression to those who previously felt limited by conventional therapies.

Mental health is not all in your head...

Nearly 50% of patients who have have used conventional medications (SSRI’s, SNRI’s) don’t see improvement in their symptoms. This is because depression and anxiety are complex diseases that that require more than just treating one neurotransmitter.

At Aeon, we combine the remarkable potential of dissociative anesthetic therapy with other proven treatments including exercise, sauna, recovery technology to help create an integrative care program for anxiety and depression. When required, we can also look into other root causes such as nutrient deficiencies, hormonal imbalances and gut health to create a care program this is integrative and effective in treating anxiety and depression.

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Our Comprehensive Approach

We take an advanced approach to mental health using the transformative benefits of a dissociative anesthetic to rapidly improve symptoms of anxiety and depression while also promoting new neural pathways. We also leverage AI based exercise, infrared sauna, and recovery technologies which have all been shown to improve symptoms related to mental health.

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Program Duration

A significant advantage of this treatment is its rapid action which can often produce improvements within hours or days. For many patients, a short course of treatments is all that is required to achieve remission from anxiety and depression. However, an individual’s response may vary and repeat treatments or maintenance dosing may be required to create lasting change

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