Specialty medical & nutrient intravenous (IV) infusions and injections

Referrals are required for iron infusions. We accept referrals from family physicians, naturopaths, midwives, and other specialists.

No referral is required for nutrient infusions, however an initial consultation with our Medical Doctor is needed to determine the best course of treatment for you. There is no charge for your initial consulation.

First appointments, including the infusion, take approximately 90 – 120 mins. Subsequent IVs typically run between 60-90mins.

Your safety and wellbeing are a priority. It is always best to ensure you have extra time should we need to slow an IV drip rate for your comfort or should you need time for observation after an infusion.

This varies from patient to patient.

Iron infusions are yearly or quarterly, depending on the prescribed medication and a patient’s response to treatment.

A course of nutrient infusions to treat specific conditions or symptoms are typically weekly for 6-8 weeks or every other week for 12 weeks.

Nutrient IVs for prevention and optimization are typically administered once or twice a month.

Please eat a meal or snack and ensure you are well hydrated before coming to your IV treatment, as blood sugar levels may be affected by your IV.

Wear warm, comfortable, and unrestricted clothing, as this can help the medical staff establish an IV or address and emergency situations.

Please take the elevator up to our clinic for more stable blood pressure readings.

Inform us of any changes in current supplements, prescriptions, or diet.

You do not need to continue taking oral iron supplements unless specifically instructed to by your doctor.

Most patients do not experience any side effects however, a mild rash or flushing during the infusion or flu-like symptoms, including muscle/joint aches is possible up to several days post-infusion. These symptoms usually resolve on their own and can improve significantly with over-the-counter medications. In rare cases anaphylaxis is possible, which is why we operate with emergency medical support available on our premise.

Should you have specific concerns following an infusion please call us immediately.

An Advanced Cardiac Life Support trained Nurse is present in the clinic during all infusions. A Medical Doctor (MD) with experience in acute care medicine is present during medical IVs.

For iron infusions there are two charges: the iron itself and a clinic fee for the IV administration. Please note that iron is a prescribed medication which must be paid for and filled at Script pharmacy prior to your visit. Iron Venofer, administered quarterly is most typically covered by insurers, however Script pharmacy is able to assist in verifying insurance coverage. Clinic fees are $250 for initial visits and all Monofer infusions and $150 for subsequent Venofer infusions. 

Nutrient infusions are prepared for you at the time of treatment based on your treatment protocol. IVs cost range from $125 – $225. Preferred pricing is available under some memberships.

Prescription drug costs are often covered for patients with extended health benefits. Examples of IVs and injections where these costs may be covered include iron infusions using Venofer and Monofer, and injections of Ozempic or testosterone.

For nutrient infusions or the clinic fees associated with medical infusions, patients with extended health benefits that include a “Health Spending Account” or “Out of Hospital Nursing Coverage” may be eligible to have some or all of this cost reimbursed.

Patients should check with their provider to confirm which costs are covered. We provide patients with all necessary receipts needed to submit a claim and can also provide physician prescription notes in advance to check for coverage.

Please note that while some of our services such as Naturopathic Doctor (ND) visits and bloodwork prescribed by our ND may be claimed under your ND extended benefits, all our infusions are prescribed by and overseen by a Medical Doctor and are not naturopathic treatments.


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