IVs & Injections

Specialty medical & nutrient intravenous (IV) infusions and injections

Medical Infusions

If you have struggled with stomach upset or lack of progress using oral supplementation, wish to avoid hospitals and health compromising wait times, or require more concentrated therapy, our medical infusions may provide the answer. We specialize in select medical infusions which are overseen by an acute care physician and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) trained nurse.

Nutrient Infusions

We focus our nutrient IVs on two key areas: Longevity/anti-aging and recovery/ optimization. This means that if your goal is to slow the aging process, prevent those gray hairs and wrinkles, and decrease systemic inflammation consult with us on our longevity and anti-aging IVs.

If you are recovering from a race or illness, battling fatigue, or wanting to proactively optimize your body and immune system our recovery and optimization IVs may be appropriate for you.


For those who are comfortable with injections (or uncomfortable with IVs), we offer several injection-based treatment programs. Injections may be administered in clinic, or we provide training so that you are able to conveniently continue your protocol at home. Examples of conditions we may treat with injections include: Vitamin D deficiency, Blood sugar and weight management (e.g. Ozempic®), Testosterone therapy for men, and adrenal support (e.g. Full B Complex).

Patient Safety

Our clinic operates in accordance with the safety standards outlined by the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons. All nursing staff have active Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification and the onsite physician during all medical IVs has years of experience in acute care medicine.

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